100% Chocolate with a conscience "a portion of our profits go to support the Maleku indigenous tribe and the habitat of the great green Macaw"

Chocolate Processing

  • Planting


  • Growing


  • Harvesting


  • Fermenting and Drying

    Fermenting and Drying

  • Roasting and Winnowing

    Roasting and Winnowing

  • Oil Extraction

    Oil Extraction

  • Chocolate!


Ola Family

Ola Chocolates are produced by the Esquivel Benjamin family.  Come visit us at our farms to learn how we have integrated different generations of a Costa Rican family into the business.  Everyone shares in the work, including harvesting the seedpods to maintaining the records for the organic certification process.

Because all the members of the family share in the work we are able to maintain the quality of chocolate produced from our farms.  See who we are and learn more about how we also support workers from the local area.